10-03-2023 Morn Coffee with Dr Judy Mikovits Part2
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10-03-2023 Morn Coffee with Dr Judy Mikovits Part2
Part 2 of our discussion with Dr. Judy Mikovits. These are MUST WATCH episodes, loaded with information. Make sure to watch Part 1 and then follow with this episode here for part 2 Topics: -HIV/AIDS -Fauci -MTHFR -Cannabinoids -Cancer and solutions -Nattokinase and what to watch out for -Chlorellas, Spiralinas, Ozone Therapy and your Cardio Miracle - what's important about the synergy -Saline and HCQ -Malaria, Ebola, C19 and soooooo much more Find Dr. Judy Mikovits at: www.TheRealDrJudy.com As seen on this show: Get 15% OFF your Cardio Miracle with code: DRT at www.cardiomiracle.com Detox your body from pesticides, chemicals, toxins, metals and more. Learn more at www.drtenpenny.com/detox Get your first bottle of Fulvic Minerals + for only $10 - Important to add to your water: www.drtenpenny.com/fulvic Considering donating to Dr Tenpenny to support the work we do to bring you uncensored truth, research, collaboration, education and more, please sign up for a podcast membership as your donation so that you can get back so much more: www.drtenpenny.com/membership