01-24-22 -This Wk with Dr. Robert Young
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01-24-22 -This Wk with Dr. Robert Young
Dr. Robert Young has devoted his career to discovering the ‘missing pieces” within the larger picture of health. With a specialty in cellular nutrition, biochemistry, and microbiology, his entire career has been focused on health at the cellular level, researching the true causes of "disease” and cellular repair. Dr. Young is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published in several noted journals, including The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. He is the author and co-author of many books, including the pH Miracle for Cancer and most recently The Cancer Solution, published in 2018. The pH Miracle series of books has sold over 10 million copies, has been translated into 29 languages and has gained a widespread following in more than 159 countries. You will want to listen to this interview several times - and share with everyone you know. Dr. Young explains: > how to remove graphene oxide from your body > how to protect yourself from radiation/EMF frequencies > how to heal from almost every symptom you have....for pennies a day > why the most important part of your immune system is NOT your white blood cells >... and so much more in this hour presentation PACKED with important information Website: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/the-prevention-cure-for-cancer Blog: www.drrobertyoung/.blog A few articles: Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Treatment of Any Cancerous Condition - The International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine https://medcraveonline.com/IJCAM/IJCAM-02-00046 Who Had Their Finger on the Magic of Life? The International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations https://medcraveonline.com/IJVV/IJVV-02-00047