03-10-2023 Morn Coffee- with Dr. Judy Mikovits Pt1
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03-10-2023 Morn Coffee- with Dr. Judy Mikovits Pt1
What an incredible episode, loaded with information. You WANT to watch this! It was so good that the powers that be cut us off and we had to jump back on for a part 2!! Topics: -HIV/AIDS -Fauci -MTHFR -Cannabinoids -Cancer and solutions -Nattokinase and what to watch out for -Chlorellas, Spiralinas, Ozone Therapy and your Cardio Miracle - what's important about the synergy -Saline and HCQ -Malaria, Ebola, C19 and soooooo much more Find Dr. Judy Mikovits at: www.TheRealDrJudy.com As seen on this show: Get 15% OFF your Cardio Miracle with code: DRT at www.cardiomiracle.com Detox your body from pesticides, chemicals, toxins, metals and more. Learn more at www.drtenpenny.com/detox Get your first bottle of Fulvic Minerals + for only $10 - Important to add to your water: www.drtenpenny.com/fulvic Considering donating to Dr Tenpenny to support the work we do to bring you uncensored truth, research, collaboration, education and more, please sign up for a podcast membership as your donation so that you can get back so much more: www.drtenpenny.com/membership