05-16- 2022 This Wk w Physicist, John Droz
This Week with Dr Tenpenny
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05-16- 2022 This Wk w Physicist, John Droz
Today’s This Week with DrT in an interview with physicist, John Droz. You will learn: 1. Why science cannot be by consensus - (that’s political science not real science!) 2. How “climate change” and “Global warming” was actually decided 3. The three elements necessary for a true election "forensic audit" - and how many times a true audit has actually been done in the US. You will be shocked by his answers. 4. The good and the not-so-good about the film ‘2000 Mules’ (www.2000Mules.com) 5. How Covid19 has no real science to support the processes the world has been put through. +++++++++++ John Droz Jr. is the founder of Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED), a 10,000-member international coalition promoting science-based energy and environmental policies. Mr. Droz received undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Boston College, a graduate degree in Physics from Syracuse University, and has been a Mensa member. John worked for GE Aerospace Electronics, Mohawk Data Sciences, and Monolithic Memories. After retiring at age 34, he has focused on educating citizens about science-based issues. John is a sought after speaker and has published well over 100 articles. He has given four presentations to North Carolina legislators, plus he has spoken before the U.S. House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee. His three websites: 1) www.WiseEnergy.org which focuses on wind energy (onshore and offshore) and solar giving citizens powerful ammunition to defend their rights. 2) www.Election-Integrity.info which lists ten election studies his team of experts published, plus several more that should be of interest. 3) www.C19Science.info which includes several major reports he wrote (e.g. on masks) plus it lists multiple other science-based COVID-19 reports. Join his weekly newsletter that summarizes all the key elements of these three topics: Energy, Election Integrity, Covid 19. The newsletter is FREE by sending an email to AAPRJohn@NorthNet.org