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To: 'whom it may concern. Subject: software/system for those with dementia. Dear madames/ Sirs. I thought of the following idea of ​​developing an application for people who suffer from diseases that are accompanied by cognitive decline and conditions of dementia such as Alzheimer's: As we know, patients with diseases whose main characteristic is cognitive decline (such as Alzheimer's or other diseases in which there is a state of dementia) are gradually losing many abilities such as short-term memory or day-to-day functioning that is gradually deteriorating. The idea is to establish software, or a system that will be designed for people who are in this situation. The challenge is to gather in such a system all the programs or systems that the person uses - and through an artificial intelligence system the operating mechanism will become simpler and simpler as the disease progresses. Of course, in order to build the system in a way that adapts itself as precisely as possible to the situation of the person using it, during the development it will be necessary to consult and cooperate with brain researchers, researchers in the field of cognition, as well as cooperation with neurologists. The goal of the system is, of course, to allow people who are used to using a computer for various purposes and who are on the verge of dementia to not completely lose access to the systems they were used to using for many years of their lives - and thus to some extent improve their quality of life, which is already significantly damaged as a result of the symptoms of the disease itself. So much for the idea itself. Although this is an idea I thought about, I have nothing to do with dementia care in my personal life.