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Mission Statement: To promote & protect U.S. sovereignty, restore Liberty, and protect our Constitution by use of education, demonstration, and peaceful assembly. ***************************************************** UNITED STATES LIBERTY ALLIANCE WHO WE ARE... WE are Americans! We the People, will protect our U.S. Constitution. We will restore and defend our inherent individual Rights and Liberties, not only for our countryman but for every individual in this World. These Rights and Liberties are innate and NO governments, entities, companies, or personages may infringe upon or suppress these rights EVER! The United States Liberty Alliance (USLA) is dedicated and determined to expose, halt, and hold accountable all those that collude and conspire for the elimination of any persons ability and right to make FREE choices and exercise their inherent rights. USLA is a non-partisan, freedom forward movement made up of patriots from all over the U.S. and freedom defenders throughout the world. We are currently operational in 16 states and counting. We have joined with our Brothers and Sisters of Canada, Australia, and Mexico; in process with Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil, expect more to come! We understand that knowledge is literal POWER against those that wish to ultimately enslave We the People. The illumination of TRUTH will purify the darkness that has enshrouded our World for so long; intentionally inflicted by design for ultimate control. USLA commits to educating and informing the masses through our Research & Development teams, found in every participating state and around the World. This VERIFIED information is distributed through our educational packets, social media forums, and peaceful assemblies. USLA is breaking the chains of deception, one link at a time! The United States Liberty Alliance goal is UNITY...one organization at a time, one entity at a time, one person at a time. We are leading a collaborative effort to network and develop working relationships; to become an ALLIANCE of fellow patriots and freedom defenders here in the U.S. and around the World for the protection of every individuals’ inherent Rights and Liberties. We are a community, a sanctuary for those who are awake and a beacon of hope for all. The silent majority…is silent NO more! WE ARE... THE UNITED STATES LIBERTY ALLIANCE!