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TCC - We study, research, and share information about cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, UFOs, Ghost and more! But that is not we we also like to talk about missing person cases, weird and unusual disappearances and much more! This community will have thousands of articles,post and insights on the many mysterious sightings and events taking place in our world.This will be a place where we all can unite online to learn, talk, share and discuss our interests in various topics. Bigfoot, UFOs, Unexplained events, strange Cryptids and more will be featured in the community. We ask the you please follow the rules and be courteous to each other. Rules - 1. Be polite. No name calling, insults or bullying. No personal attacks. 2. Keep the language clean. F bombs will get you removed and blocked. 3.No political or sexual posts or comments.